3 Best Music Recognition Apps to Find Songs by Their Tune

For most people, listening to music is a form of relaxation, expression, or entertainment. Some feel their day is incomplete without hearing their favorite music. Certainly, music is the universal language.

But there are cases wherein you open up your tv and found a soothing music in the commercial. Or when you’re having a movie marathon, then the background music starts to play – very energetic, just how you want it.

You want to know which song is this to add it up in your playlist, but the problem is, you don’t know the title. You need an advance song finder or detector because of your restlessness to identify the music that won’t stop playing in your head.

Worry no more! Due to the advanced technology, various kinds of improved software are being developed for this matter. You’ll be able to know what is the name of this song without any hassle. Just like Music ID, an application for apple products which applies advanced algorithms to identify or find music by sound.

Want to know our secret to finding an alternative online music recognition? Buckle up your headphones because we’ll show you the best song identifier app. Following are the 8 Best Online Identification Services even without knowing the lyrics:

Phone Applications are very useful, especially because they can be handy-dandy anywhere you are. Pairing your everyday music routine with these advance music detector will be very helpful in a day-to-day basis.

1. Shazam

Shazam – a functional mobile application that can be installed to your mobile phones to find recorded songs. Shazam is suitable for smartphones, Computers, and even Macs. Know what capabilities Shazam can do, it is useful for mobile phone users. This application can accurately search for the song due to the expanded capabilities to cinemas, advertising, TV, and retail environment. Perfect for your everyday movie marathons. This comes with a free version and a paid version. Both depends on the number of tracks to search per month.

2. Music ID

A functional mobile application specially made for mobile phone users. This is suitable for both apple and android phone. Music ID may be similar to shazam in instantly identifying the music around you with just the use of a microphone.

3. SoundHound

One of the most advance application is SoundHound. Options are SoundHound, Hound, and Houndify. Through the interesting Houndify option, you’ll be able to hum or sing the sound that you want to identify will be found. This is a mobile application that is very good for everyday music habit. Other than that, SoundHound also offers to stream live lyrics to the user or even lets you hear a bunch of music from their collection.

Also available, web-interfaced song detector to identify or find music by sound.

1. WatZatSong

A web based software which by identifying the music. The user will have to use if he or she wanted to hear pre-recorded songs or others. In there, other people will be the one to identify your music.

2. Musipedia

Similar to Wikipedia, Musicpedia is another web-application based music identifier which lets the user whistle for the music, or even play the beat using a virtual piano. After this, Musipedia will now search for a song using advance technology.

3. Audiggle

A PC or desktop application which offers a simple yet functional program that could identify songs in just a fly. The user can choose to upload his or her existing recordings so that it’ll be identified by the system.



Another useful application by just uploading a snippet or recording (what they call slice) of the music you are identifying. AudioTag will compare the uploaded recording to its database of music. Not just that, but AudioTag can be useful if there is an unidentified artist in your music playlist.


Automatic search for a music may still show errors, NameMyTune will not. Most especially because they offer the tasks to other online users. With that, more human will be able to work on your task. An email will be sent to you once it is finished.

You weren’t expecting the advance music detector to identify music within your reach. Now you can watch tv without worrying to manually find music by sound or asking every person you know what is the name of this song. We hope the best song identifier app on the list is very useful for your everyday music habit.

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