In Philippine history and culture, Filipino women or Filipinas play a role secondary to men but with as much importance. Filipinas were almost limited to household works although some like Queen Urduja and Gabriella Silang soared above societal labels with their warrior hearts.

Filipinas are a balance of gentle and strong. It may be one of the amazing facts about most Filipino Women that foreign blood admires.
Today, Filipinas have already responded to the call of modernization. However, the values passed down from history will always be in their character. Here are some amazing facts about Filipinas:

She is Conservative

The figurehead for Filipinas is Maria Clara from Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. She was meek and very feminine. The fashion in her times compose of a scarf, skirt and an apron. Today, Filipinas are influenced by western clothing but they still practice conservatism. They are still careful and mindful in showing too much skin.

She is Courteous

Filipinas will always address you with “Mister or Miss” as a form of respect. She smiles often. She makes sure that her face glows with warm welcome and friendly approach. Filipinas should live with “Delikadeza” or good manners and right conduct.

She is a Housekeeper

Their ancestors passed down the art of housekeeping from generation to generation. Women are trained to do all sorts of household chores. She has the responsibility to maintain the home in good condition. During the old times, it is a vital measurement of how good you are as a wife and a mother. As time went by, this perception has become less popular but the spirit of being family-oriented remains in her.

She is a Strong Woman

Filipinos are resilient people. As such, Filipinas embody the strength to brave every challenge that life gives. She is flexible and she knows how to adapt well with cases both good and bad. It is very evident with Pinay OFWs. Life overseas is a struggle but Filipinas have the patience and courage to work abroad to provide for her family and to achieve her dreams. She is both dependable and independent.

She is Smart

Filipino women aged 15 to 49 has a 94.7% literacy rate. As of 2010, survey says 65.9% of Filipinas over 25 years old finished high school. Some were not able to enter college only because they lack financial ability. Filipinas give high regards to education. She will have thousands of opportunities if she has a diploma. Degree holder or not, she is smart and easy to learn. Foreigners often prefer to deal with Filipinas because they have good English-speaking skills.

She is a Romantic

Filipinas believe in love. They trust the culture of courtship or “panliligaw”. She prefers that an interested man becomes his suitor for a while before accepting him as her boyfriend. The man must be gentle and friendly during courtship unlike in Western culture where the approach is quite audacious. Most of all, she believes in “Forever”. She seeks a love to last a lifetime.

Filipinas have more qualities to be proud of. That is just a few of the facts that make Filipino women amazing. She is not only a beauty on the outside. She is also a gem in the inside.


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